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Pollonia Village

Pollonia is a traditional fishing village built on the northeast side of Milos. A quiet tourist resort, the village features all the characteristics one can anticipate in a typical Cycladic Greek island including sandy and tamarisk tree-lined protected beaches, traditional tavernas by the waterfront, fishing boats moored by the quay, Cycladic rooms, white-washed churches and beautiful views of the Aegean sea ended by romantic sunsets. The spectacular and unique geology of Milos is evident in parts of Pollonia. Fishing vessels provide local fresh fish at restaurants along the seafront. Noticeable also is the existence of diving center in the village

Kimolos island is nearby to Pollonia with daily ferry connection while its distance from other important destinations such as the Adamas port and the Milos airport is approximately 10 km via paved road.

Pollonia should be of particular interest to families with small children. Most beaches in Pollonia, including the main beach of the village is characterized by golden sand and shallow water, making them ideal for kids, while the numerous tamarisk trees along the back of Pollonia beach provide the necessary shade. Another advantage of Pollonia is the existence of a playground which provides an additional attraction to kids.

The cultural association of Pollonia, organizes special summer events of interest to both the local residents and the visitors of the village. Particularly, the existence of specific building on the Pelekouda peninsula is dedicated to cultural events, such as art shows and photography exhibits that deserve special attention to the visitors.

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